5 Elements to Elevate Your Home

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Home design can be a tricky field to tackle, mainly due to the difficulty involved in nailing a personalized style that gives the space a cohesive look. Finding pieces that reflect your style can be harder than just going for a generic and standard look. Lucky for you, here at kitchen-finder's Marketplace, finding your perfect match is a piece of cake. With a growing collection of various kitchen and furniture solutions along with a range of appliances and accessories, finding something that takes your home to the next level is a simple swipe away. Here are some amazing ways you can elevate your home to reflect your style using products from our marketplace.

1. Kitchen Solutions

A great way of elevating your home is with a modern and contemporary kitchen solution by CIAO kitchens. The brand aims to enhance the economy of beauty, creating every-day kitchens with young, fresh, clean and down-to-earth design. Style, quality and convenience are the basis of each of their designs. Besides a great variety of material and color options, its Ester range is trendy with a personality that is both, attractive and polyhedral.


2. Bedroom Solutions

Another way of elevating your home is to explore the bedroom solutions by GIESSEGI, one of the most significant realities in today’s international furniture business. A company that works to improve the quality of life, growing constantly the aesthetics and reliability of its products and services. Its bedroom solutions are mainly modern and contemporary following the latest color trends of 2021, and they usually consist of 5 pieces (1 X bed with headboard, 1 X wardrobe, 2 X night tables and 1 X chest of drawers).


3. Wardrobe Solutions

Whether it is a more modern or a more classical set up, GIESSEGI has it all. Its standalone wardrobe systems give a modern and elegant touch to every home, whilst providing maximum storage space for your personal belongings. With a big selection of different door styles and materials, it provides multiple ways and elements of elevating your bedroom adding some Italian flair.


4. Bathrooms Solutions

We all know that a good vanity cabinet can turn a bathroom from drab to sleek and functional. Vanity cabinets are known to set the overall tone of the bathroom, with various styles available to fit any person's needs and tastes. Vanity cabinets hide any exposed piping and unneeded tiling while providing an excellent space for storage. In addition to this, vanity cabinets can elevate your bathroom’s style and tie the overall room's aesthetic together. LITE kitchens provides fully customizable vanity solutions that provide both style and functionality without taking up too much space, with over 21 years of combined experience in joinery furniture making and interior design.


5. Appliance Solutions

MIELE is a company that ensures quality ahead of its time. The brand is synonymous with unparalleled quality with high durability. Its wide range of premium appliances ensures the use of top technology and design for user convenience and aesthetic, and allows customers to expect phenomenal performance that does not compromise on design. Its product lines include their baking and steam product line (which covers high class ovens and microwaves, range cookers, steam ovens and more), hobs and combo sets (which includes induction and electric hobs), cooker hoods, coffee machines, refrigerators, freezers and wine units, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and other cleaning products as well as accessory appliances.


Adding unique design elements throughout your home is easy with the help of kitchen-finder's marketplace. With an easy and interactive user experience, along with a large variety of brands and product solutions, designing and building your dream home has never been easier.

Visit our Marketplace to begin your search for the perfect home design today!

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