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A Sneak Preview: Kitchen Trends 2022

Updated: Mar 22

As the new year starts, changes are welcome in all aspects of life. Resolutions and to-do list for the new year indicate an intention for change and growth. Your kitchen space is not excluded from this need to exchange the old in place of the new. Moreover, kitchen spaces are evolving constantly, and new concepts are coming in as the top trends for the coming year.

Considering all the latest trends for the year, this article is a consolidation of what you can expect to be the cream of the crop when it comes to which of the colors, materials, aesthetics and layouts are going to be the pinnacle of kitchen designs for the year 2022.

1. Color Accenting

One of the most popular trends of late 2021 expected to follow in 2022 is color accenting using muted colors. Adding pops of muted tones to an otherwise blank wall brings in more for the eye to see, while creating dimension and an aesthetic to the space. Colors such dusty rose, pale blue and other pale tones are particularly popular in kitchen setups.

2. All-black Kitchen

If 2020 and 2021 were all about the all-white kitchen, 2022 brings in a stark contrast with a dark aesthetic. All-black kitchens have made their entrance as a kitchen trend to be on the lookout for. The elegance and sleekness that dark colors like black bring makes the kitchen come to life. With dark kitchens comes the need to nail lighting properly, ensuring that the room doesn't look dull.

3. Cottage Core Theme

The cottage core aesthetic has taken homes and kitchens by storm. Incorporating wooden finishes and elements that bring in a cozy vibe are ways to incorporate the aesthetic effectively. Moreover, the aesthetic brings along a lifestyle that is all about simple and meaningful living, which makes for a great kitchen trend for those who wish to live more mindfully in 2022.

4. Handle-less Designs

The new trend present in German kitchens is an incorporation of sleek designs in kitchen furniture and appliances. Handle-less designs have been coming into style, since their intuitive design makes for a seamless look that is futuristic in style. Cabinets with large handles have been switched out for door systems that open with the push of a finger.

5. Fittings As Accents

The newest trend to hit kitchens in 2022 are unexpectedly fitting colors and designs. The focus on kitchen design has shifted from big drastic changes to smaller, more nuanced changes. Fittings like sinks, taps, and hoods often go overlooked in the kitchen design process. However, these aspects are no longer ignored and are now treated as focal points in any kitchen. The use of unique colors and materials as well as innovative design makes the possibilities of customization limitless.

6. Creative Lighting Solutions

Lighting solutions are increasing in popularity, with more kitchens adapting lighting concepts for different purposes. Everything from ambient to pendant and accented lighting, these illuminators have made an appearance in kitchens, creating a particular mood when used. Moreover, incorporating these solutions with technology has also made it a seamless experience to incorporate different modes of lighting depending on the time of day.

7. Innovative Storage Solutions

One of the biggest trends set to hit the kitchen is the use of storage 'hacks' meant to maximize kitchen space. Using innovative storage solutions like nooks and drawer organization kits are some of the simple ways to incorporate these solutions into kitchens.

8. Integration Into Living Spaces

So far, kitchens have always been kept separate from the rest of the home, sometimes even being neglected. Now, however, the tides are changing and kitchens are being incorporated into the home's overall aesthetic. Creating a natural transition from the living room to the kitchen creates a feeling of cohesion within the home.

9. Stone Finishes

The use of stone finishes in kitchen isles and counter tops has become prevalent in the last half of 2021. This trend is expected to continue well into 2022 due to its industrial feel and unique touch, sure to transform the kitchen in a positive way. Stones like granite, and marble are particularly well-loved as finishes for kitchens.

10. Shades Of Green

Incorporating shades of green into kitchens is one of the newer trends set to hit kitchens in 2022. Sage green and emerald green are particularly popular shades, making for a great palette that can make a kitchen look and feel fresh. Moreover, incorporating botanical elements like potted plants are great ways to bring in this all-green aesthetic without being too overbearing with the color palette.

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