Distributor Spotlight: Goettling Interiors

Goettling Interiors is an interior design company based in the UAE that specializes in creative consulting, planning, and installation of premium kitchens, furniture, accessories, and lighting. They aim to bridge the gap between style, substance, and quality service, offering tailor-made solutions for all your interior design needs in Dubai and the Middle East.

Their team of skilled craftsmen ensure that all their kitchen solutions are on par with the German values and standards set by the company.


Goettling Interiors was founded by Oliver Goettling in 2010, who saw an opportunity to provide German solutions to clients in the UAE. The company prides itself in taking the time and resources to truly understand a client’s needs in order to get the perfect, personalized solution for their home and kitchen.

Their Product Lines

Apart from their customizable solutions, they also provide a range of product lines that range from kitchen solutions to lighting and other furnishings.


Schüller – C Collection: This collection of kitchens has styles that range from modern contemporary kitchens to country style kitchens, which makes finding the right kitchen for you all the simpler. Their designs make it so that there is an equal balance between functionality and aesthetics without compromising on price or durability. Schüller kitchen cabinets are made from high grade PEFC certified materials that adhere to the strict international standards of quality.

Schüller – Next125 Collection

This is another collection of Schüller based designs that caters to transforming a kitchen from a closed off, purely functional room to one that is the well-loved hub of the home. From handle-less kitchens to sleek kitchen islands, there’s nothing this collection doesn’t cater to, making the renovation process all the smoother. It is the most premium version of Schüller kitchens.



Goettling Interiors prides itself on being a hub for all matters relating to German design. Even when it comes to matters like appliances, they ensure that a kitchen is fitted with the best, so as to enhance the cooking experience. They have partnered with renowned brands from all across the world to ensure that their clients have only the best to choose from. Some of their partnered brands include, Miele, Gaggenau, Siemens, Liebherr, Elica, and Bora.


Wardrobes – Interlübke

Goettling Interiors has partnered with Interlübke to create wardrobe and shelving systems that are organized and easy to maintain, without compromising on the overall design of the home or kitchen.

Soft Seating – Cor

Cor ensures that their furniture pieces will last a lifetime and fulfill its function of being a centerpiece that brings comfort to a home.

Furniture – Kettnaker

Kettnaker is a brand that ensures that the furniture items they supply are unique, aiming to truly reflect you and your home’s unique identity. Their pieces aim to blend into your home seamlessly without being overbearing or out of style.

Cradle – Nido

Goettling Interiors has also partnered with Nido to bring parents and their newborns a great selection of cradles, ensuring that the homes they build accommodate every individual, big or small.




The Occhio line of lighting provides one of the most innovative solutions and is a leader in the German design lighting market. They have a unique position in the market thanks to their ever-evolving designs that push lighting and its design to the limit.


Goettling Interiors has partnered with Eloa to bring their clients sleek and artistic lighting pieces that can bring a room together and make it feel unique and personalized, while maintaining its overall functionality. Their pieces often feature the craft of glass-blowing, making each piece unique and an item that can make a home truly stand out.


Vanory is a type of lighting that combines design with technology to bring customers lighting solutions that can make their homes futuristic. Their sensory enabled pieces adapt to the wishes of an individual and can reflect the perfect mood at any given time.



Flooring – Parador

Goettling Interiors has partnered with brands like Parador and miinu to create excellent flooring solutions. Parador provides vinyl-based flooring options so that you can install the flooring of your choice with no hassle or commitment needed. miinu on the other hand provides clients with rug and carpet solutions that are bound to suit any home.

Accessories – Various

In addition to major home and kitchen furnishings, Goettling Interiors has also included a range of home accessories that can add small details and bring the entire home together. These include Vestaboards, which are customizable boards where you can display messages, Felix Solingen Germany for a variety of high-quality knives, and an&angel, an outstanding glass design brand that makes centerpiece glass pieces that exude quality and elegance.

Goettling Interiors takes great pride in creating kitchen and home solutions that truly consider every single need of the client. Their focus on customized solutions that feature renowned brands from all across the world will ensure that your kitchen and home is a one-of-a-kind space that truly reflects your way of living.

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