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How Do German Kitchens Compare With Others?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Just like many other products produced in Germany, German kitchens are renowned around the world for their high-quality, functionality and reliability. In some cases, “made in Germany” is simply related to performance and the highest form of technical engineering, maybe that is why German kitchens are the favorite choice for many residential home and project owners.

But how do these German kitchens actually compare to others? In this article, we want to explore why German kitchens have the reputation they do, how they objectively compare to others, and who the 5 largest German kitchen brands are in terms of value and volume.

With German kitchen businesses having histories of more than 100 years, such as Poggenpohl or Eggersmann, just to name two companies positioned in the premium segment of the market, this is where tradition, experience and highest standards come together. With an array of quality certificates and standards such as ISO, TUV, RAL, DGM, GS, LGA and many more, German kitchens lead the way when comparing to their international peers. Furthermore, PEFC and FSC certifications, sometimes on product and sometimes on company level, support sustainable forestry whilst keeping ethically sourced materials at the heart of the production process.

As the well-deserved trendsetters in the field, their huge palette of unique materials, colors and patterns stand second to none. The leading German kitchens brands refresh their product portfolio on a yearly basis, continuously bringing new innovations to the forefront of kitchen designs worldwide. Therefore, German kitchens are well known for their tailor-made approach, creating custom-built experiences that can perfectly suit any customer’s lifestyle and aesthetic needs.

Many may feel that the superior quality and functionally means that the price tag for German kitchens is enormous, but that often is not the case. German kitchens don’t lose even when it comes to price comparing to other kitchen brands from around the world. Their competitive pricing structures on retail, project and showroom level is simply the cherry on top to their reputation, which makes investing in these kitchens all the more lucrative.

So, are German kitchens worth it? Yes, they absolutely are. They add value to any property when done right, and in combination with the right worktops, appliances and accessories, even renowned other kitchen brands lose momentum in terms of their cutting-edge design and functionality. Given below are some 5 largest individual German kitchen brands that exceed the standards of quality by leaps and bounds.

1. Nobilia

Nobilia is a company that prides itself on creating unique kitchens for everyone. Every kitchen they sell is individually planned and created with precision. Over 8,000 trade customers across 90 countries have partnered with the brand, creating a resounding boost in its reach and accessibility. They produce over 783,000 kitchens a year, with over half of them going into export markets outside Germany. Nobilia achieves an annual turnover over 1.400 million EUR.

2. Häcker

Häcker is a family run business that began its operations in 1898, providing high quality and innovative kitchen designs for clients all across the world. With over 124 years of experience, they have become pioneers in the industry. They produce well over 365,000 kitchens a year, exporting most of their solutions outside Germany. Häcker achieves an annual turnover over 700 million EUR.

3. Schüller

Schüller is a company whose principle lies in creating kitchens that last a lifetime. As the heart of the home, Schüller aims to create kitchens that integrate aspects of functionality and aesthetic all into one place. They are one of the largest manufacturers of kitchens in Germany producing over 165,000 kitchens a year, exporting the majority of their kitchens to over 35 countries. Schüller achieves an annual turnover of over 600 million EUR.

4. Nolte

Nolte is a company that is synonymous with exceptional quality and service. The high product quality and diversity in designs along with their innovative take on kitchen design is what makes this brand stand out amongst the rest. The brand has been voted as Germany’s favorite kitchen brand for multiple years in a row. They produce over 1.7 million kitchens units per year with an export quota of nearly 40% whilst delivering to over 60 countries. Nolte achieves an annual turnover of over 300 million EUR.

5. Bauformat

Bauformat is a renowned company known for their highly durable and unique kitchen designs. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, they have become one of the leading German kitchen manufacturers in Germany. With high export quota of over 40% and nearly 300 million EUR in revenue, they rank as number 5 of the German kitchen industry.

These German brands represent just the largest manufacturers, and whilst there are many more, German kitchens have proven time and time again that they are the pioneers and leaders when it comes to the kitchen industry.

That is why we at Kitchen-Finder made it our mission to support the German kitchen industry and its trade partners with a carefully selected portfolio of specialized services.

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