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How The Right Sales Incentives Can Boost Business Growth

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Do sales incentives work? This is a long-standing question that most businesses have. The short answer is yes, but only if businesses use the right incentives. If used right, sales incentives can be an effective means to boost visibility as well as leads and conversions. In this article, we explore how the right incentives can benefit business growth in the long run and how to implement them to make the best of the company’s resources.

Structured Sales Incentive Plans

A structured sales incentive program allows for the employees of a business to receive timely rewards for accomplishing set, tangible goals. The rewards involved could be monetary or perk driven, and is a supplement to the standard compensation structure provided to employees.

To understand how sales incentives can boost businesses, it is important to go over their various forms. These forms are customized versions of the broader scope of these incentives and can be better tailored to a specific type of business.

1. Role-Specific

Like the name suggests, these types of incentives are customized according to a specific role within a business organization. Different sales roles often times have different metrics to evaluate performance and have vastly different targets that need to be achieved. Considering this notable difference, sales incentive strategies should not go for a one-size fits all approach and need to instead apply relevant rewards at proper goals or targets.

2. Analytic-Based

The best way to establish measures for recording performance and setting sales targets is to analyze relevant analytics and data. This strategy aids businesses in the proper identification of sales goals and what makes a successful sale, processes included.

The main factor that drives an effective sales incentive is the understanding of what motivates employees to achieve higher sales, thus boosting the business in the long run.

Ultimately, implementing the right kind of sales incentives can show huge growth in the long-term profitability of a venture. Given below are some of the benefits associated with the right sales incentive programs.

A. Increase In Business Sales

This is the number one reason why businesses choose to create effective sales incentives. A good incentive plan boosts return on equity and investment. By allowing your employees to have a share in the sales they generate, they are more likely to have a stronger interest in the company and the overall sales they bring in.

B. Creates A Productive Environment

Incentives tied to sales can lead to a substantial increase in productivity and can motivate employees to be more efficient in their tasks. This benefit shines through, especially when the incentive tiers are placed in a balanced manner. Every sales incentive plan needs to be able to create a work environment that encourages efficiency rather than one-to-one competition, and developing a balance that maintains employee drive while creating a positive environment is the best way to go about it.

C. Recognition And Job Morale

Incentive plans are meant to motivate employees to achieve goals and reward them for the same. An important part of the reward aspect of this strategy is that tangible recognition is needed to ensure that employees who have achieved their goals continue to do so. Every individual appreciates recognition for the work they do, and this aspect is what can truly drive tangible results. Moreover, with a good sales incentive structure, overall job morale is kept high and turnovers are significantly reduced.

D. Team Work

The right sales incentives often drive employees to work together rather than compete with one another. Effective team work is highly sought after by companies due to the synergy working together brings, which greatly surpasses what an individual alone can achieve in the long run. A good sales incentive plan can create harmony within the organization, effectively avoiding hostile competitiveness and on the other extreme, unmotivated work that encourages only the bare minimum. This essentially means that the strategy needs to align individual, team, and organizational goals in order to reach peak effectiveness.

For most businesses, especially those that are new to the field of effective sales incentive planning, creating the right kind of strategy can be challenging. The complex relationships that rule over an organization can easily ruin an effective incentive plan, especially when individual and owner goals are not aligned.

For this very reason, outsourcing this task to experts within the field is the best way to go, as most times, these experts can spot the nuances required to create a great sales incentive plan.

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