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How To Best Maximize Storage In Your Kitchen?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

A kitchen is a space that needs to be both aesthetically reflective of your style, and highly functional. A messy and unorganized kitchen is counter-intuitive to the kitchen experience, since no one wants to cook or spend time in a messy space. This is why kitchen organization is key to maintaining your dream kitchen set-up.

Using storage tips to organize your space can effectively declutter the area and set up an efficient system that can keep your kitchen organized long-term. In this article, we explore some of the best organization and storage ideas you can use to maximize space in your kitchen and keep it clutter-free.

1. Sort Everything Out

The first step to creating a more organized space is to sort out all the items in your kitchen into two broad piles- ‘keep’ and ‘throw away’. Expired foods, broken items, and things that just shouldn't be in your kitchen need to go into the throw away pile. Only keep items that you know you need, and remove items you know are only wasting good cabinet and fridge space.

2. Add Wall Hooks To Add Frequently Used Items

Instead of using cabinet space for items you use daily, install wall hooks and hang your pans and mugs. This not only saves cabinet space, but also makes it easier for you to access these items regularly.

3. Drawer Arrangements

Haphazardly throwing cutlery into one drawer is the first step to a kitchen filled with clutter. Instead of lumping all your cutlery into one place, use a cutlery tray or an organizational tray to place your cutlery in an orderly manner that is visually appealing, easy to manage, and makes finding the cutlery you require easier.

4. Keep Items That Fit Your Kitchen

The biggest mistake individuals make when using their kitchen is purchasing items that do not fit the kitchen they use. This includes using pots that are unnecessarily large or a cutting board that does not fit your counter-top. Use items that are suitable for your space to create a great system that allows you to cook and use your kitchen smoothly.

5. Double Your Pantry Space

Your kitchen pantry can easily hold twice its surface capacity by simply adding a few organizers. Adding dividers and mini racks can help divide the space easily and maximize the area you can use to store your items.

6. Utilize Sink Space

Even the space taken up by your sink can be utilized to maximize storage. Instead of using a dish drying rack that sits beside the sink, opt for one that attaches itself to the ends of the sink and dry your dishes there, freeing up counter-space effectively.

7. Add More Shelving

Instead of sticking with the shelving your kitchen already has, try adding more shelves wherever possible. Installing floating shelves can help save floor space while adding even more storage that you can use to store spices, appliances and so much more.

8. Under-sink Storage Options

Usually, most kitchens feature an under-sink storage that contains all the items that you don't want to put anywhere else like garbage bins, cleaning supplies and other remnants you'd rather not look at. However, installing a two-rack system and adding in a couple of boxes to better store your items can open up the cabinet a lot more while keeping it organized.

9. Make Use Of Doors

Even doors can be used to maximize storage space in the kitchen. Adding hooks or a slim rack to the inner area of the cabinet door or adding a magnetic rack to the side of your fridge can add more space in a simple manner.

10. Organize Bulk Foods

If you have a large bag of nuts or sugar lying around, pour it into a jar and store the rest away into a designated area in one of the lower cabinets. You can use the remaining to restock whenever your jar gets empty, thus creating an effective system that can make the space look a lot more organized and decluttered.

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