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How to Best Realize the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Updated: Mar 22

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Not only is it a space to cook and dine, but it is where the seeds of all family bonding, sharing, and communication germinate.

Kitchen remodeling can undoubtedly be a complicated and time-consuming process. Working with kitchen design professionals can help you convert your vision into a realistic design suited to your space in a stress-free and easy manner.

Here are seven important factors to consider while bringing your dream kitchen into reality:

1. Kitchen Activities

Determining what you intend to do there is the first thing to consider when planning a kitchen redesign. This includes deciding whether your kitchen will be a space that is purely designed for cooking, or whether you intend to carry out other activities, such as entertain friends and family, or even. Deciding this in advance can help you identify additional elements you may need around the kitchen, such as casual seating around the kitchen island, and perhaps even a TV.

2. The Working Triangle

Your kitchen is a busy hub of different appliances and elements. The stove, the sink, and the refrigerator are the main highlight of the kitchen. As these are the three elements that you access the most, it is important to position them wisely to ensure smooth workflow. The working triangle ensures exactly that- It is the distance between your stove, sink, and refrigerator. While there is no hard and fast rule, a working triangle with edges between 40 to 60 inches makes a kitchen easy and efficient. However, this may vary according to the clearance and layout.

3. Styling

Besides being functional, your dream kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. For starters, getting an oversized kitchen island is worth the splurge! This can serve multiple purposes from providing a surface to work, carry out cooking preparations, and even act as a dinner table and/or serving buffet.

A worktop with character also adds significant aesthetic value to a space. The latest kitchen design obsession are waterfall countertops. This chic and luxurious element also creates an architectural focal point in the kitchen. In this design, the countertop creates a unique fluidity that links everything from the floor to the cabinetry.

4. Smart Storage

Following functionality and styling, storage is the next big hurdle to overcome for your dream kitchen. You can do this with smart storage solutions. Consider the items that you use most regularly and determine the most convenient place to house them. Take advantage of spaces that are not easily accessible by storing items of occasional use. Creating an appliance garage or building a pantry is also a great way to have smart storage.

5. Lighting

Being a multifunctional space, a kitchen needs to have a variety of lighting for different purposes. Make sure to include a general, task, and accent lighting in your dream kitchen.

General lighting lights up the entire kitchen. You can have chandeliers over the table and pendants over the islands for this purpose. Adding a dimmer option creates a great ambiance. Task lighting is zonal lighting for doing tasks. For example, you can include an in-cabinet and under-cabinet light, or a light over the sink.

Use accent lighting to highlight the architectural details and other interesting elements in the kitchen. It should be brighter than general lighting in order to stand out. When it comes to lighting the kitchen, first prioritize general lighting to create the right kitchen ambiance. Then go for accent lighting to create visual interest and finish with task lighting with focused beams at different work zones.

6. Appliances

Knowing what appliances, you wish to have in the kitchen is vital for its layout. However, choosing kitchen appliances is not easy. You have to choose from a plethora of options available. There is no single solution that suits all kitchens. The appliances required depends on your needs and budget. Moreover, you also have to consider the space available, style of appliance, and cooking frequency to determine its importance.

7. Materials & Finish

The materials and finish contribute to the look and feel of a kitchen. You must try to include high-quality materials that your budget permits. The material of your countertops is essential for this. Choose from a range of materials like ceramic tiles, granite, quartz, laminates, solid surface, stainless steel, etc. for one that suits your lifestyle, layout, and budget. Maintaining your dream kitchen is just as important as creating it!

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