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How To Transform Your Kitchen Into A Social Hub

Updated: Mar 22

Long gone are the days when kitchens were merely spaces to prepare your meals. The modern kitchen has grown into a place where friends and family can bond and good times can be shared. The kitchen has evolved in this way primarily because it is considered to be the soul of every home. All members of a household enter the kitchen at least once a day and even when friends come over, many go to the kitchen to keep the host company and have great conversation.

Since the kitchen has enormous potential to be the center of the home, it is only right that we transform it into a place where social gatherings can happen. In this article, we explore some of the ways you can turn your kitchen into a social hub, and achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Open up the space

The first and most obvious step to transforming your kitchen into a social hub is by embracing an open-plan layout. An open-plan layout essentially opens up your kitchen by removing hindrances, like bulky furniture, effectively creating an open feel to the space. Removing non-essential items that take up floor space and incorporating work benches or other seating solutions where people can gather easily can help create a more inviting and social atmosphere.

2. Kitchen Islands

Incorporating a kitchen island into your space is a great way to create a division in your kitchen, all while allowing for countertop space that can open up the kitchen to friends and family effectively. Kitchen islands have long been serving the purpose as a medium for social interaction, since the extra countertop space allows for others to come in and be a part of the meal preparation process. Moreover, adding seating arrangements like bar stools with your kitchen island can be an inviting sign to those who want to relax and have a good chat in the kitchen.

3. Breakfast bars

Another way to boost your kitchen’s social capabilities is by adding in a breakfast bar. The long bar table setup can become a catalyst for fun conversations since you will have access to every person seated on the table while you serve the prepared food. It's an inviting addition that can allow for your guests or family to sit and converse while you prepare appetizers or drinks.

4. Integrate appliances

A great way to open up the kitchen and reduce overhead space is by integrating appliances that are concealed within cabinetry. This creates an uncluttered and open look that can help make your kitchen more spacious and inviting. Purchasing 2-in-1 systems or appliances that do not have a lot of wiring can bring in extra floor space that can boost the overall open feel of the space, effectively making it less suffocating.

5. Great lighting

Lighting is key to setting the right atmosphere. Integrating layered lighting options that can adapt to various situations is your best bet in creating a social atmosphere. Natural lighting can take over wherever needed, but if that is not available to you, add in bright lights during the day to bring in a similar sunlight feel. For evening lighting, add overhead lighting to areas where you are preparing or cooking your food and add ambient lighting accents to other areas of the kitchen to create a warm and comfortable feeling for when you're dining with others.

6. Small details

Design is all about the details! Adding elements like extra plug points, surround sound speakers, appliances with limited wiring and cushioned seating can elevate your kitchen from a good to a great social hub. Making the area more accessible and creating comfort is the best way to get your guests to stay and socialize in the kitchen effectively.

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