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Kitchen Color Trends of 2021

Updated: Mar 22

Kitchen color choices in the past used to be limited to neutral tones with minimal creativity but now using a diverse range of colors to spice up your kitchen has become the norm. Designers and individuals use color to express their personal style and the kitchen is no exception to this. Pops of color and muted tones that express your personality is the trend and dipping your toes into these color trends can make your kitchen feel unique.

Here are some of the most popular kitchen color trends of 2021 that can help you find your kitchen color style.

1. Greens are in!

The use of green in kitchen design has grown popular with different shades of green being used as accents along with neutrals. The most sought-after greens include sage green, olive green, emerald green, and hunter green. The trend has shifted to more muted and darker shades of green rather than the vibrant greens of the mid 2010’s. Using green accents along with neutrals like cream or off-white can make your kitchen feel fresh and soothing to the eye.

2. White + Pops of Color

While the classic white kitchens will never really go away, using pops of bold colors as accents can make your kitchen come together. Using colors on the primary spectrum like red, blue, or yellow can create a statement while maintaining a sense of minimalism with the rest of the kitchen being white. It creates a modern look without being too excessive and is a great and easy way of adding character to your kitchen.

3. Pink and Gray Kitchens

Currently the color combination of pink and gray is gaining popularity amongst designers and homeowners alike. Dusty pink or other muted pink accents along with light gray walls are a great way to keep your kitchen feeling neutral but still stimulating to the eye. Using this color combination makes your kitchen feel more sophisticated while still being more personalized than your average all grey kitchens that were popular a few years ago.

4. Cream and Neutral Kitchens

If you prefer the minimal look and don't want color in your kitchen, here's a trendy option for you. Plain white kitchens are slowly going out of style due to it being too plain and seemingly out of place. Instead, more off-white colors like cream as well as other neutrals have gained favor. This is because these colors won't wash out your kitchen but rather blend harsh edges and out of place appliances. This can make your kitchen feel a lot more calming and livable as compared to the stark all-white aesthetic that cannot do the same for your kitchen.

5. All Black Kitchens

If you like all black aesthetic, then you're in luck because you can now make your kitchen reflect your personal style. All black cabinets, flooring, and countertops have become a trend because of its sleek look and low maintenance. If all black is too intimidating for you then adding red accents can create more for the eye to see while still maintaining the elegance of your kitchen. Do keep in mind that lighting is crucial for all black kitchens, otherwise the sleek look you were aiming for can quickly become dreary once night falls. Maybe you find your perfect match in our marketplace?

6. Rustic Kitchens

The cottage core aesthetic has gained popularity in the past year and this trend extends itself into your kitchen as well. If you're a fan of wood and earthy tones, then this is for you! Earthy colors like faded browns with either pastel or green accents paired with wooden countertops and cabinets make your kitchen have a nature like feel.

7. White + Pops of Black

If you're a fan of the classic black and white combination, then this trend is for you. Pairing a white aesthetic with pops of black on your countertops or kitchen isle makes for a very classy kitchen that doesn't look plain or predictable. It also makes your space look a lot sleeker with the minimalist color palette.

8. Wallpaper Designs

Wallpapers have slowly gained popularity over the years and are often used in bedrooms or living rooms. Recently however, kitchens have started to use them too. Wallpapers are a great way for you to introduce a design that isn't possible with paint. It can bring a sense of personality in your kitchen and can easily mirror your personal style due to its wide variety.

Customizing a standard kitchen to match your personal style adds both character and comfort. Functionality doesn't need to be compromised for aesthetic and these trends are proof of that.

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