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Kitchen-Finder's Updated Service Solutions 2023

Updated: Sep 16

With ever-evolving business trends and developments, it is important to stay updated, adapt to those trends, and cater to the ever-changing demands of customers.

Therefore, we bring you our updated service solutions for the year 2023.

With our marketing & lead generation, marketing & lead qualification as well as kitchen & other room design service, we support kitchen businesses to increase performance, reduce significant operational costs, and work towards operational excellence.

Marketing & Lead Generation Service

This service helps kitchen businesses increase their online visibility, raise brand & product awareness, and it provides high-quality sales leads.


Starting from 7,000 AED or 2,025 USD per campaign (*advertisement budget including service fee per month)


● Campaign Development

● Campaign Artworks

● Campaign Implementation

● Campaign Management

● Sales Leads

Marketing & Lead Qualification Service

This service provides kitchen businesses the opportunity to outsource the qualification and / or follow up process to our team of industry and product experts.


Starting from 6,000 AED or 1,620 USD per campaign (*advertisement budget excluding service fee per month)


● Sales Leads Follow Up

● Sales Leads Design Support

● Sales Lead Showroom Booking

Kitchen & Other Room Design Service

This service provides kitchen businesses with design support on brand-specific level for several German kitchen brands using Winner Design by Compusoft / Cyncly software.

Pricing (On Demand Basis):

1 X Kitchen or Other Room Design incl. 1 X free revision for 500 AED or 135 USD

Pricing (On Package Basis):

5 X Kitchen or Other Room Designs incl. 2 X free revisions for 2,375 AED or 641 USD

10 X Kitchen or Other Room Designs incl. 3 X free revisions for 4,500 AED or 1,215 USD

15 X Kitchen or Other Room Designs incl. 4 X free revisions for 6,375 AED or 1,721 USD

Pricing (On Retainer Basis):

Unlimited Kitchen or Other Room designs incl. unlimited revisions for 7,500 AED or 2,025 USD per month.


● Furniture & Worktop Plan

● Elevations

High-Quality 3D Perspectives

● Element Lists

● Software File (PRW/DRW)

As add-on services for the kitchen & other room design support service, we offer additional revisions at a service fee of 250 AED or 68 USD, additional high-quality 3D perspectives (as part of any purchased package) at a service fee of 62.50 AED or 16.88 USD, and rendering service only at a service fee of 125 AED or 33.75 USD per perspective.

Why Wait?

Sell more and Save more with kitchen-finder!

For more enquiries, please use the contact form on the website and our sales team will come back to you as soon as possible.

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