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Manufacturer Spotlight: Ballerina

Updated: Mar 22

Ballerina Kitchens is a German-based company that believes in bringing your imagination to life. They primarily focus on tailoring individual-specific kitchens that don't comprise on quality or design variety. Boasting highly durable fittings, Ballerina kitchen's solutions are more than likely to last for 15-20 years, making it a worthwhile investment. They focus on providing their customers with the highest standards of technology, quality, and design. By focusing on the tiny details, they provide materials and solutions that make them stand out amongst the rest.

Their imaginative kitchens are made possible through their innovative and revolutionary design, which is their trademark that can change up any kitchen from old and drab to a dream space. Ballerina Kitchens’ contemporary design and quality kitchenware are the reasons why this renowned brand has become one of the leading kitchen brands in Germany and the global market.

Their rich history:

Ballerina Kitchens began their operations on the 9th of January 1978. Their founder, Heinz-Erwin Ellersiek started the company to primarily deal in the purchase and equipment of production halls, which was a far cry from kitchen design at the time. From there they evolved into construction of the first administration building in 1984, and almost a decade later they began expansion of their existing production halls. In 1999, they began their kitchen design journey with the purchase of a second plant that specialized in countertop production. Over the next few years, they introduced a variety of countertop and cabinet designs and began expansion to incorporate a third unit as well. In 2005, they developed solutions that included a handleless design.

Over the following decade, they automated more of their processes and incorporated highly innovative design software to be able to deliver the best designs to their customers. Ballerina Kitchens has seen growth, not only in design but in their quality certifications and popularity among those who wish to renovated their kitchen. Their high quality, durable designs provide customers with the best on the market with no compromise whatsoever, making them one of the best in the industry.

Awards and Certifications:

Ballerina Kitchens has proved that their kitchen designs are of the highest quality through their certifications. These certifications often require rigorous investigation and testing of procedures and an evaluation of design concepts to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Some of these honors and awards are as follows:

1. Rat für Formgebung: This is a German Design Award presented by the German Design Council. Ballerina Kitchens received this prestigious award due to its ground-breaking national and international design landscape and room concepts.

2. Quality Marks: Users of Ballerina Kitchens can be assured that the materials and designs are of the highest quality due to their numerous certifications. They have received a number of certifications, with the most important one being the GS mark of the LGA QualiTest GmbH that is certified for all their kitchen solutions.

Their product lines:

Their successful products are all established on the same principles of advanced technology, high quality, and great design. These timeless designs always keep up with ongoing trends and can keep a kitchen unique while keeping an elegant style.

1. The ultimate carcase: Ballerina Kitchens believes that for the longevity of a kitchen, a stable carcass is particularly significant. Their carcass designs ensure a high-quality design while perfecting every aspect including its hinges, mounting, and coating.

2. Premium Surfaces: The brand also focuses on providing great surfaces for countertops and kitchen cabinets to bring your kitchen together in style. Some of the finishes they provide include DirectLACK, Smart Glass, and Fenix- which provides opaque colored finishes.

3. Antibacterial Kitchens

The brand has made it its mission to incorporate an antibacterial coating to almost all their kitchen solutions, ensuring that health and hygiene are not compromised in a kitchen space.

4. Ergonomic designs

Ballerina Kitchens believes that their customer’s well-being is the most important aspect to any kitchen design. They have introduced one-of-a-kind kitchen solutions that are adapted to their customer’s size for ideal ergonomic productivity. This ensures that their kitchens fit the customer's ideal and are fatigue-free in the long run.


Ballerina Kitchens believes that they have a responsibility to improve and positively impact the lives of their customers and the world at large. Sustainability is the operational principle that has a hold on every aspect of design and production, ensuring that their customer receives the best products without compromising on the well-being of the planet. They sustainably manage their production by taking care of the forests they use, and their design is also built to last a long time, avoiding unnecessary waste. Moreover, they also have certifications to back up their claims of sustainability with a PEFC-certification, and a CARB2/TSCA P2- a standard certification for the wood materials they use.

Ballerina Kitchens is a pioneer in high quality and everlasting design due to their continuous efforts to create the best kitchen solutions at no compromise. Their focus on ensuring that all aspects are tailor-made for their customers ensures that their designs remain timeless and suit the lifestyle and needs of their customers effectively.

For more information, please use the contact form on the website.

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