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Manufacturer Spotlight: Nobilia

Updated: Mar 22

Nobilia is the largest manufacturer of German kitchen designs in Germany and Europe, known for its individuality and high-quality standards. They’re the number 1 go-to for many people’s kitchens and there’s a huge reason for that. The process masters behind nobilia make their kitchens a valued addition to every home and no one’s left feeling any regret in choosing them. Over time they’ve managed to increase their production standards and leave you with absolute perfection in the finished result.

When choosing the manufacturer to design your kitchen, it can be stressful when you don’t know anything about them. You’re guaranteed a reliable and dependable kitchen when using nobilia, which is what they pride themselves in. Every function has a place in your new room and you’ll have the perfect amount of storage for your individual needs. Below is a few good to know facts about the manufacturer and it might be just what you need to make your decision about choosing them for the job.

Their Promise to You

With over 70 years of experience, nobilia promise to provide you with a high-quality kitchen that will stay with you through your life. Quality is a huge focus in every area of the company, including within the planning, production, and processing department. They don’t give way for any mistakes which allow each customer to be truly satisfied with the finalized design. Their customer service goes above and beyond, helping everyone each step of the way and meeting and demands to ensure you’re happy. You’re their biggest priority and they promise not to let you down.

Each kitchen designed is unique to you and your interests. You’ll be set up with a consultant so that you get an individually planned layout that no one else will have. You can be assured all your needs will be met. You won’t have to ever look any further as nobilia are there to offer you the complete package from a single source.


Although nobilia is a German-based company, you can get hold of one of their kitchens in most countries. Their export ratio is extremely high at 49.8%, which is nearly half of all their kitchens. Almost every second kitchen is imported which means they need to work even harder to get the perfect kitchen to you, even if you live across the globe.

Working both nationally and internationally, they have more than 8000 trade customers in over 90 countries. This amount of loyalty says it all about how they treat their customers and the quality result they receive. Nobilia is completely law-abiding to ensure they continue expanding and serving as many customers they can across the globe. They adjust their trade structures to accommodate the requirements of each country. This says a lot about the ethics of the company and that they can be trusted.


With more than 3,700 trained employees, nobilia is the highest earning company within German design kitchens with a sales volume of 1288 million euros. To manage to earn this much, they need to be efficient in their job, which is exactly what they do. With 250,000 m2 of production area over 2 production sites, there’s more than enough space to get the job done and meet their high demand.

753,000 kitchens are produced annually, all going to satisfied customers. Even as many as 21 complete fitted kitchens are put through an audit every day, meaning they get the job done quickly so they don’t keep you waiting. 5,000 electric appliances are dispatched each day in their 200 lorries driven by the 380 highly qualified lorry drivers they have hired. They aim to achieve the highest quality possible and also meet the delivery dates for every customer.

Each kitchen produced is put through tough checks to ensure they are safe and stable. Using their QC testing laboratory, each piece of furniture, component and material must prove themselves fit for daily wear and tear. The extensive testing must prove each product can withstand at least 15 years of wear and tear. Only once a piece of furniture has passed every test thrown its way, can it be added to the new collection.

Quality Certifications

It’s no surprise that nobilia holds almost every quality certificate known to man. They are certified within energy management, quality management, and environmental management. This ensures that they are handling each process with care so no hiccups appear.

They’ve also been given the Golden ‘M’ and GS quality seal for testing safely, which protects each of their employees from having an accident. It’s not only their customers they care about, as their employees are what make everything happen and make sure it all runs smoothly.

The PEFC seal for the use of wood from sustainably managed forests has been awarded due to nobilia's dedication to the environment. Their process derived timber products all come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

They’ve also been given the environmental seal ‘Der Blaue Engel’, a GOGREEN certificate, and the RKT recycling certificate.

Products and Pricing

Nobilia has an extensive range of different models and colors on offer to provide you with your dream kitchen. There are a total of 25 different ranges to choose from, each one as dependable as the last. Some examples of their ranges are Artis, Nordic, Credo, Focus, and Touch. They each provide a good flow amongst each other and it’s unlikely you won’t find one that meets your requirements. Different shades are on offer with the 6 main ones, colorful, grey, wood, black, stone, and white. To boost things up a bit, you can also choose between a high gloss or matt finish. Alongside this, they also offer intelligent accessories, built-in sinks and a large range of electric appliance brands.

If you’re worried nobilia may be too pricey for you, there’s no need to worry. Nobilia offers 10 different price groups, so you can find the one that fits in with your budget. Everything is made to the highest quality standards so you won’t lose out in that aspect either.

For more information, please use the contact form on the website.

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