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Manufacturer Spotlight: Nolte

Updated: Mar 22

Nolte kitchens has received multiple awards for being Germany’s most popular kitchen brand. They’re known for their quality promise and customers all over the world take it extremely seriously. Only top-quality materials are used to ensure you’re provided with a durable and reliable new German kitchen design. After opening in 1958, they’ve used their years of experience to perfect the kitchen process and ensure every employee is highly trained.

There are so many German kitchen brands to choose from and you may wonder why Nolte should receive your hard-earned money. You want to ensure that what you’re receiving is going to last for a long time and be a worthwhile investment. The final decision is completely up to you, and below, is a bit more insight into the manufacturer to help you understand their process and standards.

Their Promise to You

There’s a reason Nolte has been voted Germany’s most popular kitchen brand 3 times since 2015. They promise to provide high-quality kitchens that leave you feeling excited to spend time there every day.

When you opt for a design with Nolte, they put your needs first to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Your kitchen will be planned individually and no inspiration will be taken from elsewhere. You start with a blank slate and work your way up.

No matter the size of your home and your budget, they’ll find the perfect kitchen for you.

Every employee by Nolte has been given extensive training so they can promise you a helping hand throughout the entire process. The training is frequently refreshed in their minds so they’ll forever be adapting to their role.

Each design is constantly being fine-tuned to ensure perfection and they’re made to last. You can be guaranteed to be supplied with innovative ideas that’ll make the planning an exciting time for you.


Although Nolte originates in Germany, it has expanded its customer base worldwide to ensure more people get a valued addition to their home. With an export rate of 36%, over a third of their kitchens are sent to over 60 countries around the world. Being the fourth-largest German manufacturer, there’s no surprise that there is such a large number of foreign customers.


With a staff of over 1,300 employees, Nolte ensures that every kitchen is made to perfection in a fast but efficient manner. Being one of the higher-earning but affordable companies, they have a sales volume of around 460 million euros (including Express Kitchens). The production site of 100,000m2 allows enough space for a large range of different products to be manufactured at a high quality.

Each day, 880 kitchens are produced and shipped, which is a lot more than other German kitchen manufacturers. With such a high number of kitchens being produced so quickly, customers are receiving their units on time resulting in greater satisfaction.

Each kitchen is put through digitalized sequences to ensure the highest precision during production. Since machinery cannot always be trusted, a member of staff is always there to monitor the process to ensure no mistakes are made. The finishing touch is more personal and done by hand. This ensures maximum quality and the best-made kitchens for their customers.

Quality Certifications

Nolte has a good number of certifications with strengthens its brand and shows you that they can be trusted as a supplier. They have certificates for energy management and quality management from ISO 50001 and ISO 9001. This means their process creates durable products that’ll last well in your kitchen.

Similarly, for both their employees and customers they have the GS seal for tested safety ensuring none of the products in your kitchen will cause any harm. They’re proven to have the best possible quality in their furnishings from the ‘golden M’ which vouches for the stability of anything you buy.

Like many other German brands, Nolte cares for the environment when manufacturing their kitchens. Their PEFC certification allows them to get their timber from ecological sources, ensuring more sustainable products. This is also backed up by the FSC certification. They’ve been awarded a certification from the climate neutral company because Nolte has promised to reduce any CO2 emissions throughout production. This has been proven with an emission class A on their furniture, meaning they have minimal pollutant emissions and keep any consumers safe.

Products and Pricing

Nolte has a large number of products and different sectors of their company that provide you with state-of-the-art kitchens. With 31 front ranges, 188 colors, 47 worktops, and 80 different handles on offer, you won’t be short of choice when designing your kitchen. Their MatrixArt branch incorporates lights into your cabinets, making them higher end. Similarly, there are 3 pull-out options for drawers and cushioned hinges to make using your kitchen more convenient.

Nolte’s different ranges all vary in price and you can be advised on the right one to choose that fits your budget. A German kitchen is never going to be completely free, but there’s something for everyone on a budget.

Below are some of the branches of Nolte and how they differ with their products.

Nolte ECO

Nolte ECO focuses on economical kitchens, with minimal items in your kitchen leaving you space to make it your own. Although the price is reasonable, the quality is still incredibly high with many technological capabilities.

Nolte NEO

Nolte NEO creates more designer kitchens from independent product lines. They aim to make the kitchen aesthetically pleasing and not just for cooking. It may be slightly pricier, but you’re guaranteed an amazing result.

Express Kitchen

Express Kitchen allows you to put your kitchen together yourself and customize it how you please. All you need to do is measure the dimensions of your kitchen and find the right products for you. This ensures everything fits and feels comfortable.

Nolte is a well-known brand that is trusted worldwide. When you hear the manufacturers name you know you’re going to get something of a high standard and receive it just in time. The time spent over the years developing the designs means a lot of thought has gone into it. You’re guaranteed to get the kitchen you’ve always envisioned.

For more information, please use the contact form on the website.

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