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Manufacturer Spotlight: Quooker

Updated: Mar 22

Quooker is a company that believes that all good kitchens start with having a great tap. It's slogan - 'The tap that does it all', is a representation of what they provide to the world, an excellent tap that does more and fits into any home.

Quooker is a company based in the Netherlands that manufactures kitchen taps that provide integrated elements like chilled, hot, and distilled water, making it the best all-in-one solution guaranteed to suit any lifestyle in any kitchen. They are the innovators of the boiling water tap, which they have the patent for as well. Their innovative spirit has led them to become pioneers in the kitchen industry, taking kitchen taps to a whole new level.

How does a Quooker tap work?

The Quooker tap system essentially consists of a small tank that is installed in a lower-kitchen cabinet, which is then connected to the part of the tap system that lets out hot water. The installed tank acts like a vacuum flask that retains heat and successfully connects to the main water supply.

This system prioritizes efficiency, and this allows for as little energy to be used as possible. According to the company, it takes only 10 watts to maintain temperatures of 110 °C in the water tank. The water is only set to boil once the tap is turned on and the hot water option is chosen. Moreover, the tap system also allows for cold and filtered water to be passed through, giving the user a variety of options, they can choose from a single kitchen tap.

Their history

Quooker's entire legacy was founded on a revolutionary idea, getting boiling water from a kitchen tap. Back in the 70s, the concept of receiving hot, boiling water was considered impractical and impossible, but Quooker beat the odds and became pioneers in the field.

Their story started at the beginning of a new decade, 1970. Henri Peteri, a Dutch physicist, came up with the idea of a water tap with integrated heating functionalities while working for his employer, Unilever. His idea stemmed from an issue he had spotted during a corporate presentation he had seen while working. The presentation was about instant soup that required hot water to be added to dissolve the soup. However, Peteri was dissatisfied to learn that the water had to be boiled in a stove, making the process a step more complicated than he thought it should've been. He believed that it would've been easier if the hot water came straight out of the kitchen tap instead of heating it separately. So, after the presentation, he went to his basement at home and got to work, developing his first prototype of the world's first boiling water tap.

The name Quooker was created by joining two words, quick and cooker, and the product aimed to do just that, making its users life much more convenient. Over the decades, the brand has sold many Quooker solutions and expanded its operations through export to multiple countries all across the globe. Now, they produce over 300,000 Quooker solutions every year, providing thousands of individuals and families with high-quality kitchen taps.

Product lines

A Quooker set consists of an elegant tap and a water tank that will seamlessly fit into your lower kitchen cabinet. Below are some of the best product lines Quooker has to offer. All of these products can be combined with the Quooker Cube, enabling the taps to provide sparkling as well as chilled water.

1. Flex

This product line features a Quooker tap that has a flexible, pull-out hose.

2. Fusion

This tap has everything combined into one: boiling, hot, and cold water. Available in 5 finishes, this is an elegant option that can suit the lifestyle of any home.

3. Classic Fusion

Much like the Fusion tap, the Classic fusion dispenses hot, boiling, and chilled water. The only difference lies in the design, suiting most country style kitchens perfectly.

4. Nordic Twin taps

This twin tap duo features two separate taps that are in the same design. What separates them is the fact that one of the taps is a mixer tap that dispenses both hot and cold water, and the other tap for boiling water.

The innovation of the kitchen tap is what has elevated Quooker to pioneer status, leading the industry with their modern, sleek designs. Their focus on providing users with a multifunctional tap ensures that every user will have a unique kitchen tap that can seamlessly fit into their lifestyle with no hassle.

For more information, please use the contact form on the website.

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