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Manufacturer Spotlight: Scavolini

Updated: Mar 22

Scavolini is one of the top Italian kitchen manufacturers and has been working hard to serve their customers for over 60 years. For almost three generations, Scavolini has responded to the tastes and trends revolving around Italian kitchen design. For the last 30 years, this company has been seen as Italy’s top kitchen brand and continues to uphold its image. Through the years, this manufacturer creates kitchens of high-quality value for households of all cultures and tastes at competitive prices. Their unique touch flows through each design, and you’ll never get bored by looking at their catalogues.

Designing a new kitchen can be stressful, especially when you don’t know which company to trust with handling your favorite room in the house. If you’ve been thinking about converting your cooking space into an Italian themed kitchen, you may want to consider Scavolini for all your needs. They aim to exceed expectations and could be just what you need for a stress-free journey. Below is everything you need to know about the manufacturer.

Their Promise to You

Founded in 1961, in Pesaro, Italy, Scavolini has developed a team with vast knowledge of Italian kitchen design. They aim to satisfy their customer’s most varied, concrete demands and do this through styling. You can ensure that when you get a Scavolini kitchen, you’ll be getting functionality, safety, and durability.

Scavolini’s main objective is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing products, such as Italian kitchen cabinets and services that will meet their expectations to the fullest. They make a promise to you that they’ll design and produce beautiful, reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly kitchens that give you precisely what you need. Scavolini also aims to always keep their costs at competitive levels so they’re affordable for the masses.

If you opt for an Italian kitchen with Scavolini, you’ll know that all products and services comply with the highest quality standards. They’ll also always be prompt in terms of deliveries and deadlines, ensuring you get your kitchen exactly when planned. The consumption of resources is reduced by using renewable resources because Scavolini has always considered protecting the environment as a priority.


Currently, Scavolini exports to more than 50 countries on various continents. This means that you’re likely to get hold of one of their Italian inspired kitchens no matter where you are in the world. With over 1300 showrooms all over the world, even if you need a delivery, it shouldn’t cost much as there’s a good chance you’ll be close to one of them.

With a targeted, effective distribution and organizational network, Scavolini is and maintains a growing success in the international markets. They have a strong and stable market in the main European Union and Eastern European markets, alongside other strategic areas such as Turkey, India, Cyprus, China, Indonesia, the USA, and Latin America.


Scavolini’s workforce consists of over 650 employees, and the company has an industrial establishment that stretches over 240,000 square meters. The process masters use this space to ensure each new model and element undergo a complex and careful design and industrialization process before they go into production. An important stage in this process includes the design verification phase, which is carried out mainly through laboratory tests.

The manufacturer is always making use of new technology and machinery. Each piece of equipment that’s chosen to be used in the process guarantees speed and precision. There’s also a careful selection of staff and an ongoing training process to ensure minimal faults in production.

To ensure every product produced by Scavolini meets all the necessary requirements, the company uses a meticulous selection and evaluation process. This process is based on direct visits, the completion of specific questionnaires, testing materials, certifications, and more. Each supplier is also subjected to continuous monitoring to ensure the maintenance of quality standards that it promises its customers.

Alongside all these checks, Scavolini has also built an internal system of checks at different levels. This has the aim of minimizing the risk of any errors or product defects reaching the customers. The quality lab involves mechanical movement tests, light tests, climate tests, water tests, surface tests, and load tests.

Quality Certifications

The quality system that Scavolini uses is based on ISO 19901. The manufacturer is ‘Made in Italy’ certified as well, ensuring their customers are getting an authentic taste of Italia. Some other certifications include the merit award from SGS, and their environmental system is certified by SGS too.

To ensure the safety of the environment when producing and using products, Scavolini has been COSMOB certified at class A++. This certification ensures that the quality and soundness of products have low VOC emissions. Scavolini is also LEED compliant, which ensure the quality of air in confined spaces is high.

Products and Pricing

When selecting your luxury Italian kitchen, you can choose between a classic or modern style. There is a great selection, with around 40 different models and 180 finishes. Alongside this, there are 16 materials that are high in durability and dependability to choose from, such as aluminum, laminate, tempered glass and wood. You can even mix and match your color scheme from the 23 different colors on offer.

With such a great variety of choice, you can combine your style with various materials and colors to create your dream kitchen. To top it off, Scavolini aims to provide an excellent quality/price ratio. They always keep their prices competitive, meaning you’ll more than likely get better quality kitchens for a lower price than other manufacturers.

You’re pretty much guaranteed an Italian kitchen made to last when choosing Scavolini as your manufacturer. They keep the Italian theme strong while matching the design to your personality and individual needs. This company is one of the top sellers of Italian kitchens and cabinets, providing excellent function and storage.

For more information, please use the contact form on the website.

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