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Manufacturer Spotlight: SieMatic

Updated: Mar 22

SieMatic is a German brand that has been creating high quality kitchen solutions since its inception in 1929. The company's aim is deeply rooted in the belief that cooking is the main factor when it comes to creative living, no matter the space. The company is synonymous with high quality production and innovative design.

SieMatic understands that kitchens need to adapt to an individual's lifestyle. Rigid designs are replaced with more modular and flexible design elements that can tie your kitchen together seamlessly. The company not only engages in the sale of pre-made kitchen furniture and accessories but is also involved in the consulting business that can help customers in every part of the kitchen renovation or creation process, including, virtual meetings related to the initial planning phase all the way up to the finished kitchen reveal.

Moreover, each kitchen solution is unique, created just for you and your lifestyle with the utmost precision. The company's primary goal is to achieve perfection in terms of functionality and aesthetic in their products and kitchen solutions.

SieMatic is well recognized outside its home country, with a strong presence in over 70 countries. Moreover, with the numerous awards and prizes they've earned over the years, it's easy to see why this German company is loved by many.

Their rich history

SieMatic's legacy began all the way back in 1929, when August Siekmann decided to establish a factory to produce and sell kitchen products in Löhne, Germany. His approach to kitchen design was to create contemporary solutions that would give kitchens a more personalized and classic feel. In the 60s, SieMatic was the first to introduce sleek integrated grip handles, and the original production plant also saw a major expansion upgrade. Eventually, over the decades, the company began expanding its operations outside the borders of Germany, setting up subsidiaries in the United States. The company's 92-year history and continuing prosperity show their pioneering spirit, ensuring that they always set high standards and achieve them effectively, becoming an inspirational brand to those in the industry and a coveted one in the minds of the consumer.

Product lines

1. SieMatic SLX

This product line aims to answer a simple question. Is light tangible? The SLX line proves that it is. Incorporating elements of lighting concepts along with sleek architectural design, this product line offers lighting solutions that can adapt to your lifestyle and are unique to your home. There exists an understanding that light has a direct influence on the overall mood of a kitchen, possessing the potential to create a functional space or one that makes it drab. SLX focuses on both indirect and direct illumination solutions that possess a multitude of color options so that you can create the perfect look for your kitchen. This product line has been successful in the interior design industry, bagging four awards that include the German Design Award 2021, and the iF Design Award 2020.

2. SieMatic S2

SieMatic believes that kitchens are the central curators of our living spaces. Creating a space that reflects and incorporates your individuality and way of living can make it function as a visually aesthetic and practical place in your home. The S2 line incorporates this need by providing kitchen isle solutions that ensure the highest quality while maintaining functionality without compromise.

3. SieMatic SLC

This product line focuses on the versatility of kitchen design. As your needs and lifestyle evolve, your space needs to change in order to reflect that. The SLC line understands this overarching need and has incorporated that into its design solutions. It focuses on products that cater to almost any taste, incorporating shelving and cabinetry solutions that embody harmony between aesthetics and functionality.

4. Organizational Novelties

An organized space is the key to an organized mindset. SieMatic believes that the perfect kitchen solution is one that incorporates both storage as well as creativity. This product line features a multitude of storage options that include flexible drawer systems that embody artisanal quality and can be customized according to your kitchen's needs. Additionally, this line also includes the multi-award winning MultiMatic storage system. The system includes cabinetry solutions that are easy to customize, all while optimizing your kitchen space effectively.

SieMatic provides customizable kitchen solutions, products, and consultation services. Their motto of breaking from the norm has influenced their products and services, creating state-of-the-art pieces that can bring a home together. With their focus on quality and curation, as well as their diverse range of materials, color combinations and overall design, their products bring out a combination of the expression of individuality and that of creativity. Since its inception over 90 years ago, the company has continued to thrive and grow, successfully earning international recognition for their globally renowned designs.

For more information, please use the contact form on the website.

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