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Manufacturer Spotlight: Teka

Updated: Mar 22

The Teka Group is a multinational company, founded in Germany back in 1924 and is involved in the production and sale of kitchen solutions and appliances. Teka aims to create meaningful experiences with the help of their products, which guarantee quality, convenience, as well as efficiency. They understand the importance of a kitchen and how it's truly the heart of every home; which is why those who choose to buy their products are always more than satisfied with the solutions they purchase. With its presence in over 120 countries across 5 continents, Teka manufactures over 15 million products each year- providing a large variety of solutions and appliances to their dedicated customer base.

Teka is a company that values three things: Honesty, Generosity, and Originality. They understand how important it is to be honest and connect with their customers to be able to create a clear and productive dialogue to understand their various kitchen-based needs.

Teka also emphasizes originality in its offerings, providing innovative solutions to product features and design. Finally, they focus on being genuine and creating products that have a human touch to them, at reasonable prices, bringing joy to homes all across the globe.

Their rich history

With a long history of over 90 years, and an expansive list of products and innovations along the way, Teka has a rich history starting from its humble beginnings all the way up to where they are now. It all began back in 1924, when Karl Theilman founded an agricultural machinery company in Germany. After a few decades of investing into this industry and working with stainless steel, in 1957, Helmut Klein joined the company as a partner and officially registered the company name Teka - based on the initials of both founding partners. Following this, products began being sold under the name of Teka.

Initial products primarily included sinks, but as the years went by, they slowly began expanding their catalogue to include cookers, hoods/vents, and ovens. Nearly a decade after Klein joined, the company took its first step in international expansion, settling themselves in Spain. Following this, rapid expansion began to ensue all across Europe, and the 70s began with its success in the European market. Over the decades, the company has expanded its operations to the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Today, Teka has blossomed into a successful multinational company with over 4,700 employees, gaining worldwide traction and winning awards for their sleek and functional design, always ahead of the rest.

Teka's Product Lines

Over the years, Teka has expanded its product lines to include every aspect involved in kitchens and washrooms. In their kitchen line, they provide appliances like ovens, microwaves, hoods, coffee machines, dishwashers, sinks as well as other kitchen accessories and spare parts. Their washroom line includes laundry related appliances like washers and dryers, and their comfort line includes a variety of high-quality water heaters.

When it comes to product design, Teka knows best. They understand that kitchens are the most important part of a home and that it goes beyond just a place to make food. Furthermore, they design products that can make the kitchen your favorite part of your home. They also focus on minimalism and high performance, removing the mechanical feel of kitchen products and adding a touch of genuineness and intuitive simplicity to them. They believe that where science and art meet is where design is born. They aim to provide the best kitchen solutions with the help of cutting-edge technology, while still maintaining an overall aesthetic that is pleasing to the eyes of their customers. Their vision is to inspire their customers to bring art into their kitchen and create designs that act as an extension of their customer’s overall lifestyle as well as their personal design aesthetic.

Additional projects

Teka is a brand that believes in bringing joy and art into the world not only through their products but also through their worldwide sponsorship programs. Some of the projects they've invested in include architectural behemoths like the Eiffel Tower, Heathrow Airport, Emirates Stadium in Europe, Princess Tower, Four Seasons in Dubai, and many more in the Americas and Asia. Additionally, they pour in support to various sport related events and endeavors in the field of football, basketball, cycling, handball, hockey, motorsports, and so much more.

Their slogan is representative of its view towards kitchen design; "Cook the way to life".

With a refreshing outlook to what can sometimes be a mechanical kitchen, they bring the best innovations, quality, and design to their customers, which clearly shows in the numerous awards they've received in the field of design, innovation, functionality, and appliances. Their premium, minimalistic design ensures that your kitchen will be more than just that, breathing life into an otherwise robotic approach towards kitchen design, making your kitchen the center of your home.

For more information, please use the contact form on the website.

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