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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Color And Material Combinations

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Your kitchen is the one place in your home that should reflect your lifestyle and personality without compromise in order for it to be a functional and productive space. Your choice of color and materials are the best ways through which you can make your kitchen distinctly yours. Color and materials, if used well, can influence the overall mood of the kitchen to be more inviting and can even make the space stand out. In this article, we explore the best color and material combinations that are sure to take your kitchen to the next level.

Bauhaus Color Theme

The term Bauhaus Color theme comes from the Bauhaus color theory, which is a belief that a colors influence is not only limited to nature but also extends to us and our way of living. It states that each color has its own significant meaning that can be used to effectively design a space and make a statement. Some examples of this include yellow representing happiness, red representing love and blue representing technology. Many color and material combinations take influence from this theory within their design scope, and for good reason too. Color and material design can influence what a room says drastically, giving out an inviting vibe or one that drives people away from it. These fundamental aspects form the basis of modern design.

1. Dark Colors and Light-toned Stone

Pairing a dark-toned color palette with light toned stone for worktop and backsplashes can give your kitchen a luxurious and exclusive look. Many opt for white themed kitchens to give the timeless look, however, pops of dark navy blue or even fully black can bring a sense of luxury in combination with a white or cream toned stone countertop.

2. Light-toned Colors and Wooden Accents

This timeless combination never ceases to elevate a kitchen into a homely space that is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing to look at. White or cream tones paired with bamboo or other light-toned woods give the kitchen an earthy feel while still maintaining a minimalist style. Moreover, it makes the kitchen feel a lot bigger and neater due to the simple color pairing that exudes comfort and leisure.

3. Primary Colors and Mat Lacquered Finishes

The easiest way to add hues of primary colors into your home is by integrating them into mat finishes in your kitchen space. By incorporating this style, not only does your kitchen feel and look more unique, the matte finish also makes it easy for the eye to take in, broadening the scope of colors you can choose to integrate into your space.

4. Neutral Colors and Glass

The peak of minimalism in kitchen design is the all-white/cream kitchen. Adding glass cabinets instead of wooden ones creates a modern and futuristic feel, becoming an eye-catcher to all who see it. However, it is important to note that overuse of the glass elements can cause the kitchen to feel too artificial, ruining the intended style choice it was supposed to achieve.

5. Gray Tones and Light Oak

Integrating tones of gray along with light oak in your kitchen space is the best route to take if you want to create an elegant design that emphasizes on clean lines and muted colors. This design combination creates an elegant and modern ambience that will never go out of style. However, it is important to keep in mind that lighting in this case is crucial, as dim lighting can cause the space to look dreary and dim, which can hinder the efficiency and functionality of your kitchen.

6. Cream and Concrete

The industrial look is in, and it is surprisingly easy to integrate this city-esque look into your kitchen. By pairing tones of cream along with concrete grays, your kitchen will effectively transform into an urban space that is sure to suit any home.

7. Bohemian Greens and Stone Slates

Bringing nature into your home can be done easily by integrating a green-toned theme combined with stone slates. The slates bring in a rustic feel that can tie a colorful kitchen together effectively. The pops of green also serve as a great mood setter, effectively transforming the kitchen into a mini outdoor space that feels inviting to be in.

Kitchen design is an area that features an unlimited number of combinations and options to suit your personal taste and lifestyle effectively. These combinations between materials and colors can create kitchens that are fresh and bold. Using complimentary materials to a color scheme can create a cohesive smooth flowing look that can make a kitchen a great place to be in.

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