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Are you looking to take your kitchen business to new heights? 

If yes, look no further than kitchen-finder, the leading marketing & design agency when it comes to selling German kitchens!

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Phone: 00971 / 523 777 852

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We are a team of German kitchen specialists, and we support kitchen

businesses worldwide with our specialized service solutions.


Marketing & Lead Generation Service

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Marketing & Lead Qualification Service

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Kitchen & Other Room Design Service

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Kitchen Desgins
Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Accessories


Design of the Month (Top1)

April 2024



What We Do?


We generate leads. We qualify leads. We design kitchen & other rooms.


How We Do?


For our lead generation & qualification service, we use a unique approach positioning us as an independent and specialized  B2B service provider.

Our internationally experienced team of German Kitchen specialists applies best industry practices while working with the leading kitchen design software Winner Design by Compusoft / Cyncly.


Why We Do?


We believe that many kitchen businesses have not yet unlocked their full potential.


We also believe that when it comes to marketing investment, many kitchen businesses still underestimate the power of digital marketing and performance marketing.

We also believe that by using a specialized B2B service provider, kitchen businesses can increase productivity, gain flexibility, and turn fixed costs into variable costs.

Design of the Month (Top2)

April 2024



Why Us?


With over 50 years of combined experience, we have a proven track record in marketing, design and sales, especially when it comes to selling German kitchens.

Each member of our design team is a kitchen expert and Winner Design by Compusoft / Cyncly specialist.

We provide high-quality deliverables on brand specific level that are designed to exceed expectations.


We customize our service solutions according to your individual business requirements.


We offer our services on demand, package or retainer basis.


We ensure quick turnaround times.


We have competitive rates as compared to other marketing agencies or having your own in-house trained kitchen designer(s).

Design of the Month (Top3)

April 2024



Why Outsource?


Outsourcing is a practice that allows kitchen businesses to separate and contract certain business functions as well as processes.


It is an efficient way of enabling a kitchen business to focus on core activities by utilizing an external service provider’s resources to mitigate business risks.


This strategy is seeing continuous popularity, with many kitchen businesses worldwide, be it small or big, having adopted the strategy.


For most kitchen businesses, the concept of time is a precious resource, and saving even one minute of it is a valuable opportunity.


By focusing on tasks that can be outsourced, every minute spent, is a minute spent inefficiently.


Instead of tying up valuable time and resources at the expense of core activities, it is far more profitable to outsource and to focus all company resources on the tasks that directly impact business growth.


One of the key economic benefits of outsourcing is to reduce expenditures on fixed costs such as software, equipment, office or rent cost, as well as HR or direct staff cost for full-time employees.


Fixed costs are costs that any kitchen businesses are required to incur, irrespective of financial or non-financial performance, whereas variable costs, are only incurred on a conditional basis and / or when required. 

In this sense, outsourcing presents itself as a great option for any kitchen business, as it serves as a major way to reduce the immediate need for money every month, allowing it to avoid paying unneeded fixed costs and successfully converting them into variable costs.

In addition, when kitchen businesses outsource certain functions and processes, it also opens up slots for increased free time, and this added value of flexibility, especially when it comes to industries like the kitchen industry with fluctuating demands, is very important.

Businesses often think of outsourcing only from a financial perspective, mainly due to its cost-saving nature, however, outsourcing is a strategy that can do so much more than that for a business.

It serves as an access point for new skills, knowledge, and ways of working, by directly subcontracting experts to help increase efficiency and accelerate task completion of core activities.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the kitchen industry, we have the know how you can trust, and we are ready to support your kitchen business with our marketing & lead generation, marketing & lead qualification as well as our kitchen & other room design service.

We thank you for visiting our website, and invite you to explore to our services page in more depth.


We thank our business partners for their continuous feedback which is always
used to further enhance our service experience.


Kitchen-Finder's service portfolio is really unique and has helped us immediately to scale our business. They provide high quality sales leads and offer their help in the lead qualification process as well. Their brand specific design support service works like clock-work and has already saved our business serious money. Highly recommended.

We have made great experiences by partnering with kitchen-finder. Their design team possesses outstanding design skills supporting us with high-quality renders on continuous basis. If you are looking for a reliable service partner, get in touch with kitchen-finder.

Choosing kitchen-finder was a game-changer for our kitchen business. Their industry experience and deep understand of our challenges have been invaluable for our growth. Their lead generation is simple and effective and their design service helped us save on fixed staff costs.

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