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Are you looking for a kitchen or other room design?
Get it designed by our team of German kitchen specialists!

We are a team of German kitchen specialists, and we support kitchen

businesses worldwide with our specialized service solutions.


Marketing & Lead Generation Service

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Marketing & Lead Qualification Service

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Kitchen & Other Room Design Service

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Kitchen Desgins
Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Accessories


Testimonial 1.jpg

Client Name: Sarah Thompson

Project: Modern Kitchen Renovation

Overview: Sarah and Michael wanted to renovate their outdated kitchen to create a modern, functional space that could accommodate their growing family. They sought a design that would blend style and practicality while maximizing storage and workspace.

Testimonial: "We are thrilled with our new kitchen! The kitchen-finder design team took our vision and turned it into a great design that we finalized in our kitchen showroom of choice without much hassle. We couldn’t be happier with the results!“

What do we offer?


At kitchen-finder, we provide kitchen and other room designs in form of design output packages 
using the design software Compusoft | A Cyncly Company.

Whether you are a kitchen business looking for design support or a homeowner embarking on a renovation project or any other related business professional seeking ready-to-finalize kitchen and other room designs, 
look no further.

All our design output packages are developed on brand-specific level, following the same high-quality standard, and come with pre-defined yet customizable deliverables depending on each customer.

The current brands used for our design service are Brigitte, Häcker, Nobilia, Pronorm, and Rotpunkt.

Testimonial 2.jpg

Client Name: Anna Rodriguez

Project: Master Bedroom Makeover

Overview: Anna wanted to transform her master bedroom into a luxurious, serene retreat where she could relax and unwind. She envisioned a space that exuded elegance and comfort, with a cohesive design that included custom furnishings and sophisticated decor.


Testimonial: "My master bedroom is now my favorite room in the house. The kitchen-finder team did an amazing job capturing my style and creating a design that feels both luxurious and cozy. The quality of work exceeded my expectations!“

How does the design service work?

Upon selection and purchase of any product on our shop page,  you will get an email with directions on how to get your design output package for your kitchen or other room.

As for every design project, our design team would need to understand your individual requirements.


The better and more detailed your input, the better and faster our output. 

We would require your floor plan in any type of format (as long as it has clear and readable dimensions). 

Along with your floor plan, we would require some briefing on:

  • Cabinetry Specifications (if available)

  • Appliance Specifications (if available) 

  • Worktop Specifications (if available) 

  • Support Images (if available)

  • Room Details (if available)

If you do not have any specifications or support images or room details at the time of request, you can inform us to come up with the best possible design for your floor plan outlining your requirements by filling the provided design support request forms.

Testimonial 3.jpg

Client Name: David Clark

Project: Bathroom Renovation

Overview: David and Emily wanted to renovate their outdated bathroom to create an elegant, spa-like retreat. They were looking for a design that would offer both beauty and functionality, with modern fixtures and high-quality materials.


Testimonial: "We couldn’t be more pleased with our new bathroom. The kitchen-finder team created a stunning design that perfectly fits our needs and style. We just needed two revisions and then went to the cabinet dealer of choice for implementation“

Why work with us?


With our many years of international experience on product, brand, and industry level, we have the know-how and expertise that you can trust. 

We have a proven track record of having designed kitchens and other rooms in all parts of the world.

We provide fully customized content and high-quality deliverables. 

We provide clear communication and on-time deliverables designed to exceed expectations. 

We help save valuable time, money, and headaches.

Why wait?

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