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Marketing & Lead Generation Service


With our marketing & lead generation service, we support kitchen businesses worldwide by increasing their online visibility,  raising their brand and product awareness, and generating high-quality sales leads for them.

We believe that you can only manage and scale what you can track in order to maximize your return on investment.

Trackability and data insights allow optimizations along the entire marketing & sales funnel.

Marketing & Lead Qualification Service


With our marketing & lead qualification service, we support kitchen businesses worldwide with the critical process of follow up and the discovery of the generated sales leads.


We believe that quick, professional, and persistent follow up is key to maximize the conversion rate of the generated leads.

Our customized and systematic approach allows maximum engagement and referral rates.

Kitchen & Other Room Design Service


With our kitchen & other room design service, we provide kitchen businesses worldwide with inspiring design solutions

on brand specific level using Winner Design by Compusoft / Cyncly.


We support a variety of leading German kitchen brands including Brigitte, Nobilia, Häcker, Pronorm, and Rotpunkt.


We develop ready-to-order kitchen and other room design packages on retail, project and showroom level.

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