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Top 10 Of The German Kitchen Industry

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

When looking for a new product / kitchen / investment, ‘Made in Germany’ is something a lot of consumers want to see. German kitchens are made to last and are known to be exported to many countries around the globe. Each business within German design kitchens is excellent at engineering the perfect space for you and your family.

The number of familiar names that you’ll come across when looking for someone to build your kitchen is German. It’s unbelievable how successful how many of them are, and it’s difficult to rank which one is the best.

Based on total income and as per our own research as of 2019, we’ve put together the top 10 companies within the German kitchen industry. They all have their benefits, and it’s useful to see what each business represents for you and your home.

10. Pronorm

Pronorm is a German kitchen design company that was established in 1972. With over 300 employees, their storage has endless functions and would be a great addition to your home. 300,000 cabinets are supplied every year, and every piece is PEFC approved. Raking in approximately 59 million euros, there is no surprise they’ve made this list.

9. RotPunkt

From as early as 1930, Rotpunkt has had high dependability for providing a high-quality German home kitchen. There is a selection of 26 colors to choose from, so your kitchen can match the aesthetic of the rest of your house. Over 300 employees produce items that are 100% climate neutral. It’s no surprise that they make approximately 68 million euros.

8. Ballerina

Ballerina German Kitchens hasn’t been around as long as some others since it’s been designing since 1978. However, they’ve racked up a workforce of 341 employees and produce 28,000 kitchens a year. With their exports at 50%, their kitchens would be a valued addition to every home. Like others, it’s PEFC approved and they take in a whopping 97 million euros.

7. Bulthaup

Established in 1949, Bulthaup is now available in over 55 countries worldwide. Their 600 employees worldwide ensure that 10,000 kitchens are produced annually. This family business sticks to tradition and ensures a steady export. They’re definitely a top player in this industry with an income of 120 million euros.

6. Leicht

One of the oldest kitchen brands in the world, Leicht came about in 1928. Offering 9 different price groups makes this a company for the people. With a reliable 620 employees, they were able to win the ‘Most Beautiful German Kitchen’ in 2011. This award probably contributed to their incomings of around 148 million euros.

5. Baumann Group

With a history of over 100 years, Baumann Group has adapted from 1917 and now has 2 locations. 650 kitchens per day and 140,000 kitchens each year are produced to perfection. Their German design kitchens are not one you’d want to miss out on. This is why they’ve done so well for themselves at achieving an income of 255 million euros.

4. Nolte & Express

This company has made a name for itself since opening in 1958 with 1.7 million units shipped every year to over 60 countries. With an export rate of 36%, Nolte has also been voted Germany’s favorite kitchen brand. Their 1,300 employees ensure sustainable products are used and has led to them reaching earnings of 460 million euros.

3. Schueller (including Impuls & Puris)

Reaching the big-time from 1966 is Schuller who produces more than 140,000 kitchens each year. 1,908 employees ensure kitchens that are individual to customers. With continuous quality control, they deliver to 35 different countries and are PEFC approved. This large company rakes in approximately 550 million euros.

2. Haecker

Haecker has been around from as early as 1898, but have been producing built-in kitchens since 1965. Their large number of 1,750 employees means they’ll have process masters to build units to perfection. They also offer over 150 training courses in different languages for students to build skills. Offering so much, means they earn around 610 million euros.

1. Nobilia

By earnings, the top player in the German kitchen industry is Nobilia who makes around 1288 million euros. Established in 1945, they have over 3,700 employees and a big focus on quality. Every kitchen is individually planned and 753,000 kitchens are produced annually. With only timber from sustainably managed forests, their designs are of the highest quality standards.

With so many amazing companies in the German kitchen industry, it can be difficult to decide which one to trust with your design. You have a list of 10 amazing brands that produce durable and reliable kitchens.

You wouldn’t be missing out if you chose any one of these companies.

For more information, please use the contact form on the website.

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