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Trend of ‘More Than Just Kitchens’

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

European kitchen designs are known for their high quality standards, making them very in demand for those looking to buy. Many must wonder, ‘Is there a way that I can have this interior perfection across the entire house?’.

Luckily for you, a lot of European manufacturers have stepped out of just supplying kitchens and incorporating their cabinetry solutions into other spaces, such as living rooms and utility storage rooms. This allows a house to have a balanced look where everything matches, providing an elaborate and aesthetically pleasing home.

This trend where the manufacturers are providing ‘more than just kitchens’ is starting to expand rapidly and a lot of brands have jumped on the bandwagon. Once others see the popularity of this upcoming craze, it’ll be no time before they all offer this service to utilize their production lines. However, for now, only a handful are offering this service officially, and it is up to the creative designer to come up with solutions outside the kitchen box.

Below you’ll see the manufacturers who are here to help make your house a home and what they can bring to the table.


With nobilia being the largest manufacturer of pre-assembled kitchen cabinetry in Europe, it’s no surprise that they have started to expand into other rooms. They are taking a unified approach when it comes to living, using the same concept in your living areas as they do with your kitchen. You can select the same cabinets, shelving systems, and other elements to perfectly compliment the entirety of your house.


Nobilia offers a selection of bathroom features that are manufactured in the same way as your kitchen, providing the same dependability with the ‘made in Germany’ stamp. Along with the cabinetry from the kitchen range, they’ve manufactured several items specifically for this room. When designing your bathroom with nobilia you’ll find top-of-the-range products ranging from a LED mirror with a storage shelf to a sled-style towel rail. As well as trendy new items to spruce up your bathroom, nobilia can use practical solutions for smaller spaces using shallower bases.

Providing a selection of different materials and trends, you could go for a warm wood look or even modern concrete within your design. Each bathroom will be made specifically to meet your individual needs. You’ll be more than happy to spend time in your bathroom once you see the finished look.

Utility Rooms

The utility room is commonly seen as a hidden space where you keep all your clutter away from any visitors. There's no reason it has to be that way and you can make it a comfortable place to do your laundry and store many items.

Nobilia offers a great solution to maximize the extra space of your utility room by using it for multiple different functions. Laundry is the most popular use alongside storage and recycling. Introducing a range of cabinets and practical accessories, your small space will become extremely useful. Nobilia’s range includes infinity shelves, base units with pull-out tables, and built-under bases for your washer and dryers.

Living Rooms

Your living room is arguably one of the most important spaces in a home. Nobilia aims to incorporate the warmth and durability of your kitchen into a holistic design with your living area. Some houses’ kitchens are joined into this area so sticking to the same cabinetry and products creates a flow unlike any other.

Nobilia focuses on your individual needs and how the design will be most convenient for you. They are forever updating their range of home furnishings to meet the customers' demands to provide the best service. You’ll certainly be able to build your living space to perfection with their floor-standing designs, media wall systems, and open shelving systems. If there’s anything you want for your living area, they’ll be able to oblige.


Schuller appears that they have only recently started to expand to rooms outside of the kitchen. Currently, they only offer additional furnishings for the utility room. However, they still stick to tradition providing extremely dependable quality, just like with their kitchens.

If you’re looking to use your utility room for storage but don’t want it to look messy, Schuller provides excellent options. There’s a unit to suit every area, such as drink crates, brooms, and other cleaning supplies. Similarly, when it comes to cabinetry there’s an endless range to hide goods you don’t want on display. You can choose from open shelf tall units, shoe cupboards, units with pull-out drawers, and a tall broom unit.

As mentioned, utility rooms are great for doing your laundry, so they offer an extensive range of items to help you keep the process neat and tidy. There’s a lot of drawers and cupboards to store your washer/dryer machines and somewhere to place your laundry. As well as this, you’ll be offered tall laundry units for ironing boards, open shelf units with garment rail, and pull-out laundry rack, along with other tall installation units.

That’s not everything, as Schuller also offers a range of products for your recycling process. You’ll find many items in their catalogue including a pull-out base unit for recyclable waste bags, a tall installation unit with a recyclable waste bag, and a base sink unit with a towel holder and 2 bins for sorting waste. There’s really nothing you won’t find for your utility room when using Schuller for your design.


From one of the oldest kitchen brands in the world, you’d expect they have expanded past kitchens, and they have delivered. Similar to nobilia, they want to create a holistic living area that matches the aesthetic of the kitchen so that everything compliments each other. This includes the dining room as well, where all cabinetry is of the same high standard as the ones they use for their kitchens. Their shelving system is unlike any other and creates a lot of extra space to place small furnishings and belongings.

You’ll also be able to recreate the feel of your bathroom with their large cabinet range. They provide essential add-ons that you’ll be able to choose so you feel right at home. A large variety of colors and different materials means the options are endless and you’re guaranteed to find something that just screams ‘this is me’.

As you can see, this trend is making its way amongst the German kitchen industry and there’s no doubt it’ll expand even further soon. There’s nothing better than using one company for all your design needs and you can’t beat a German brand. A large amount of cabinetry and storage options have been mentioned but there’s so much to explore. If incorporating the design of your kitchen into surrounding areas is something you’d like, these are just a few of the manufacturers you could use.

For more information, please use the contact form on the website.

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