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How Does Kitchen-Finder's Kitchen & Other Room Design Service Work?

Before looking into the process of how Kitchen-Finder’s kitchen & other room design service works, it is important to understand the benefits of the service itself, especially when looking at a rapidly changing and ever more challenging market environment for kitchen businesses around the world.

At Kitchen-Finder, we believe that by separating and outsourcing functions, especially the design function when looking at the full kitchen sales cycle, businesses can enjoy several competitive and strategic advantages.

In this blog article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview on the why and how of Kitchen-Finder’s kitchen & other room design service.

The main benefits of Kitchen-Finder’s kitchen & other room design service:

Increased Flexibility: We want to give business partners more time and flexibility to focus on what matters most, spending time with existing and new clients. We believe that sales functions should be focusing on selling whilst not losing valuable time designing.

Increased Productivity: When outsourcing the design function and working with an external service provider, business partners will only utilize the service when required. This always guarantees optimal productivity.

Reduced Costs: When outsourcing the design function and working with an external service provider, businesses partners can enjoy significant cost savings on multiple levels starting from reduced software cost, reduced equipment / tool cost as well as reduced HR / staff cost.

With Kitchen-Finder’s kitchen & other room design service being available 52 weeks a year and 7 days a week, and working on demand or package basis, a unique value proposition that can put your business ahead of the competition!

On a brand-specific level, Kitchen-Finder is currently working with a variety of German kitchen brands including Brigitte, Nobilia, Häcker, Rotpunkt and Pronorm using Winner Design by Compusoft Group / Cyncly.

Kitchen-Finder’s team of industry and products experts designs kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, laundry rooms, home offices, and other rooms.

The process of Kitchen-Finder’s kitchen & other room design service:

Business partners place their design support requests to with a cc e-mail to

Business partners identify their design support requests as retail, showroom, or project enquiries with a clear email subject and specifying the number of kitchen or other rooms to be developed

Business partners attach Kitchen-Finder’s design support request form or provide their own briefing on the desired requirements and specifications for cabinetry, worktops and / or appliances (as far as available).

Business partners attach a floor plan with clear dimensions in any readable format.

Business partners include reference images of the desired kitchen style and-or site, which will help Kitchen-Finder’s design team to translate the design support request in the best possible way.

For project enquiries with multiple layouts, business partners attach a project schedule by room type along with desired naming and references.

Once the design service request is received, Kitchen-Finder develops and shares a design output package via email in a zip file format.

The design output package includes a furniture plan, a worktop plan, elevations, perspectives, element lists as well as the design software file in PRW or DRW format.

Kitchen-Finder endeavors to turn around every design support request as soon as possible. Depending on the input quality as well as complexity of the design support request, 48 hours for Retail and Showroom enquiries, and 96 hours for Project enquiries.

The turnaround time for any design support requests is always based on the time of receipt, as per the UAE office timings, from Monday to Saturday, 09:00AM to 06:00PM.

If you are looking to grow and scale your kitchen business, Kitchen-Finder is here to help!

For more information on our service portfolio, please use the contact form on the website and one of our representatives will come back to you as soon as possible.

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